Pusha T reveals advice given to him by Pharrell
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Pusha T reveals advice given to him by Pharrell

Pusha T has opened up about the advice Pharrell gave him in the studio on his new album, It’s Almost Dry.

On the album, he recruited Pharrell, who produced half of the album with the help of his partner in The Neptunes, Chad Hugo. Meanwhile, the rest of the record has been crafted by the more than capable hands of Kanye West, and both men’s creations sit side by side.

Pharrell managed to get an extra gear out of Pusha T with one simple grain of advice which unlocked the rapper. In a new interview with NME, the rapper explained: “[Pharrell] said the evolution of me is being more of a character.”

He added: “He doesn’t like me rapping. He tells me all the time: ‘You can do that verse in your sleep. You have to give me the character, that matter-of-fact evil guy.’”

Push also revealed how the producer played him the 2019 film, Joker, while they were in the studio. The movie was on mute, but it was a visual aid which stimulated the pair as they searched for perfect beats for King Push.

“One of the songs we created was ‘Neck & Wrist’,” Pusha said. “He was like, ‘Look at this shit – you don’t get those bars without those visuals.’”