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Watch previously unseen footage from Jay-Z’s 2001 Hot 97 Summer Jam performance

 Previously unseen footage from Jay-Z’s performance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in 2001 has been unearthed, and it’s extraordinary.

Although it’s over two decades since the set took place, footage has only now been uploaded. It was an iconic set, which saw Hov bring out Michael Jackson and Missy Elliot on stage with him, and now you can soak up the moment in all of its glory.

Additionally, the performance is remembered for Jay unleashing ‘Takeover’ for the first time, a diss track aimed at Nas and Mobb Deep. The song went on to feature a few months later on The Blueprint.

When Hov delivered the track on the Summer Jam stage, he included an image of Mobb Deep’s prodigy at a dance class when he was a child. In the studio version of ‘Takeover’, Jay referenced this moment and rapped: “Don’t be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen.”

While the audio of the set has been available for some time, it wasn’t until the YouTube channel HipHopVCR uploaded the whole 57-minute set this week that it’s been widely available to watch.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z recently teamed up with Pusha T on the new track ‘Neck & Wrist’.The Pharell Williams produced joint is the latest effort to be released from Pusha’s upcoming album, It’s Almost Dry.