PnB Rock murder suspect speaks out to clear his name
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PnB Rock murder suspect speaks out to clear his name

The man who fans suspected of being a part of rapper PnB Rock’s murder has given an interview in order to clear his name and restore his life to normality. Emmanul Danquah, informally known as ‘South Side Chief’, is a videographer and media personality who, last year, had two heated arguments on Instagram Live with the rapper last year. However, Danquah claims that the exchanges he had with Rock over a year ago and his recent murder are not related in any way

Although Danquah has never been announced as an official suspect by the LAPD, only days after the murder, old internet footage of the arguments between Danquah and the rapper began circulating online across YouTube and various other social media sites. More often than not, the titles attached to the footage implied or outright insisted that Danquah was the killer and was the man behind the murder.

In a candid interview on the Drea O Show, Danquah set the record straight, telling speculating fans, “I didn’t have anything to do with it.” he continued by clarifying, “I wasn’t there, I didn’t make an ‘OG phone call’ or anything.”  

During the interview, Danquah even recalled how the heated exchange he had with the rapper had nothing to do with jewellery or even L.A. gang culture as he revealed it was merely regarding the rapper’s use of a photo from a Black Lives Matter protest that Danquah had used for a shirt design. However, although Danquah insisted it wasn’t about jewellery, the hosts did combat his claim by reminding him that he did, in fact, threaten to take Allen’s chain off his neck.

But Danquah was quick to refute the claim he had beef with the rapper by disclosing that, although they had had an argument, he and PnB Rock were on good terms in the days leading up to his death, going even further to admit they were planning on working together. Singing the late rapper’s praises, Danquah stated, “He was a real one, he was gonna give me an opportunity to change both of our lives with this fight that we were promoting.”

Admitting that he regrets even having the argument in public, he warned people to “think twice [about] what you wanna put online, cause you never know how it can come back and bite you.” Artists including Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper and his ‘Cross Me’ collaborator Ed Sheeran are among the artists still paying tribute to the rapper. You can watch the full interview with Danquah in the video below.