Pharrell has three albums of unreleased music
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Pharrell has three albums of unreleased music

Earlier this year, Pharrell Williams held his first fashion show as the creative director of men’s fashion at Louis Vuitton on the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris. Since then, the musician has been the centre of attention for many esteemed publications as a highly successful musician and designer who has swept through the industry.

As such, the Virginia native has recently been unveiled as the next month’s GQ cover man and in a profile of the artist, journalist Noah Johnson unveiled that Williams has a lot of unreleased music sitting in his vault.

Having shadowed Williams for months in the lead-up to his fashion show, Noah Johnson expressed how the producer juggles music with being at the centre of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, disclosing, “When I was there in June, he told me he had finished three albums’ worth of music since arriving in Paris, all produced right there at LV.”

During their time together, the ‘Frontin’ rapper told Johnson, “I go back and forth between music and clothes. Songs and shoes, accessories and harmonies. And it’s one fluid thing.”

Pharrell has been intertwined with a lot of contemporary artists recently. Last year he released a song alongside Tyler, The Creator and 21 Savage entitled ‘Cash In Cash Out’ and earlier this year, the In My Mind creator gifted Travis Scott with a monogram Billionaire Boys Club trunk peppered with vibrant, rainbow Louis Vuitton logos.

It was then revealed that a similar trunk was sold during Pharrell’s Joopiter auction for a huge total of $121,250. Other prominent artists, such as Canadian singer and rapper Drake, have also been supporting Williams with the ‘God’s Plan’ lyricist sporting one of Pharrell’s Jacob and Co. chains earlier this year.

Despite this, Drake has recently fired at both Williams and his Virginia counterpart Push T on Travis Scott’s latest album Utopia on the song ‘Meltdown’. The reason why is still unknown. However, you can see Pharrell’s GQ cover below.