Pete Rock calls drill rappers “trash” with “no talent”
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Pete Rock calls drill rappers “trash” with “no talent”

Drill music is coming in all forms nowadays and is being labelled with all kinds of different names. At first, it was known as Chicago drill, but then the UK put its spin on the sound and birthed its own version of the genre. However, influenced by British drill and using producers from that scene, the late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke rose to fame and called his music Brooklyn drill.

Regardless of what people want to call it nowadays, legendary New York producer, DJ and rapper Pete Rock is most definitely not a fan of the sound, and he made sure to tell the world what he thought about the genre and the people that make it.

The East Coast hip hop icon took to Instagram earlier this year to share some of his views and vent his anger about drill. Posting a clip of the New York Mayor playing a drill track after a press conference, the rapper captioned the video writing, “Good Morning Drill Rap”.

Hardly finished expressing himself, the rapper took to his story, where he angrily spoke on the genre. In a scathing post, the rapper wrote, “That’s trash-hop! Not hip-hop! I been told y’all about this kinda shit! Idc call me what you want, but that kinda hip-hop is doo doo, and it disrupts the soul!! I told yall that already, man lol smh.”

The ‘Take You There’ rapper continued, “Nobody speaks up on this trash lol. Drill rap not even for the birds or the streets! It’s the result of greed, people with no talent, and the destruction of the culture. Y’all never see the play when it’s happening, and everyone complains but does not speak up and say a word!!! Now this! This how we going out?! It’s on social media but who is really promoting this? talk about that smh!!!”

Pete Rock was and most likely still is very agitated by the state of hip hop and particularly the rise of drill. However, there is not a lot he is going to be able to do about it for now. Rock, perhaps, yearns for the hip-hop of the 1990s, when he released his hit track ‘They Yearn Over You (T.R.O.Y)’ alongside CL Smooth. You can listen to Rock’s track in the video below.