Ozzy Osbourne criticises Kanye West for sampling a Black Sabbath song without permission
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Ozzy Osbourne criticises Kanye West for sampling a Black Sabbath song without permission

Ozzy Osbourne has issued a statement regarding rapper Kanye West‘s unauthorised interpolation of the Black Sabbath song ‘Iron Man’ on his latest album.

West’s recent project, Vultures, is intended to be a joint effort with fellow rapper Ty Dolla Sign and samples a live recording of the Black Sabbath singer. Osbourne’s performance was taken from one of his solo performances at the US Festival in 1983.

In recent months, West has been repeatedly accused of antisemitism following outrageous remarks in various interviews. Due to his public statements, this has led to him losing most of his associations with a selection of brands that no longer want to continue to do business with West.

In the released statement, Osbourne stated that he did not allow the sample to be used, saying on X, “@kanyewest asked permission to sample a section of a 1983 live performance of ‘War Pigs’ (sic ‘Iron Man’) without vocals and was refused permission because he is an antisemite and has caused untold heartache to many”.

Due to cutting ties with various labels, this will also be West’s first major independent release, operating under his own label. Aside from utilising a song from the heavy metal icon, many have drawn parallels between the album artwork for Vultures and that of Filosofem by the black metal band Burzum, a Norwegian metal band whose frontman, Varg Vikernes, has also come under fire for his anti-Jewish beliefs.

After the song was used at a listening party for the upcoming album, Osbourne said that he has cut any ties that he may have with the rapper, continuing, “He went ahead and used the sample anyway…I want no association with this man”.

Osbourne has also been announcing plans for his final performances, slated to be the last shows he will ever perform before his retirement.