‘One Minute Man’: Missy Elliot’s revenge on terrible lovers
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‘One Minute Man’: Missy Elliot’s revenge on terrible lovers

She’s one of the greatest rappers in the history of hip-hop, but her uncanny sense of humour has always set Missy Elliot apart from the rest of the rap game. Irreverent in her lyrics, Missy has become one of the most beloved rappers ever thanks to her incandescent beats and near-perfect rhymes. One song which showcases this perfectly is ‘One Minute Man’.

With her skilful and comedic rhymes, partnered with Timbaland’s unique, iconic beats, Missy Elliot took the world of hip-hop by storm during the 1990s and ’00s. Elliot’s talent was undeniable, bringing her eccentric personality and humour into every music video and song. Her style was uplifting and different, making the world of hip-hop fall in love with her music.

The rapper (real name Melissa Arnette Elliott) is often praised for her videos more than her music. However, this article will celebrate Elliot’s extensive catalogue and career of more than twenty years. While many female rappers struggle to release more than one album, Missy has a total of nine albums under her belt, with some considered to be hip-hop classics.

However, it was her song ‘One Minute Man’ that best showcases her talent for fire-breathing rhymes and hilarious lyrics. Written as a response to The Dominoes’ 1951 hit ‘Sixty Minute Man’, which goes into detail about the boasts of a man who can love his woman for an hour at a time, Missy employs Ludacris to help with those suffering from a more premature affliction: “It’s all in your mind, so keep your head tight,” he raps.

Penned for her third album Miss E… So Addictive, the song showed how far Missy had come, now firmly in the driving seat of the male-dominated hip-hop world. In a 2001 interview, she said of the song: “I’ve had so many men that’ve been like, ‘You wait, you get me in the bedroom and zoom, zoom, zoom.’ You get them in the bedroom and it’s like, ‘What? It’s over? Already?’ The song is my revenge on those dudes and a wake-up call to the male species. Get your s–t together in the bedroom!”

She later added: “As soon as I experienced it, I knew I had to write a song about it. I knew there must be other females who’d experienced one-minute men. It’s all good, though, there’s Viagra!”

Listen to ‘One Minute Man’ from Missy Elliot below.