Offset reveals the BET Takeoff tribute  “cleared his soul”
(Credit: Migos / Press)


Offset reveals the BET Takeoff tribute “cleared his soul”

Migos member Offset has revealed that the tribute performance to his late counterpart, Takeoff, at this year’s BET Awards “cleared his soul.” This year’s ceremony saw Offset, alongside Quavo, take to the stage to perform a medley of the trio’s greatest hits.

The show was the first time the duo performed together since Takeoff’s death in November and was highly emotional for the pair. The pair performed hits such as ‘Bad and Boujee’ and honoured the late artist by blasting his popular ‘HOTEL LOBBY’ verse as floor-to-ceiling rockets appeared on the big screen.

The pair also highlighted his absence by separating, making space between them and shining a spotlight to draw attention to the trio’s deceased, missing member. Following the awards ceremony, Offset’s wife, Cardi B, tweeted, “Proud of the boys” and “I can’t take it right now,” along with crying emojis.

Following their recent performance, Offset took to Instagram Live to address his followers and professed, “I love all my fans. I love y’all. We did a BET performance, man. It was iconic, man. It cleared my soul. Me and my brother, Quay, man, we put that together within, like, 16 hours, like, 15 hours… We do that ’cause we’re some real stars.”

He continued emotionally, stating, “We do this music. We the greatest group to ever touch the mic. RIP my brother, Take. We did it for my brother, Take. Me and Quay stood tall, brother to brother.”

Then concluded the live by thanking his fans, unveiling, “I appreciate everybody for supporting. It was a movie, it was a vibe… We needed that for the culture. That’s our legacy. Migos forever. The greatest group to ever do it.”

Following the BET Awards tribute performance, Offset released a behind-the-scenes video to showcase how hard he and Quavo had worked to organise the concert.