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Normani and Cardi B strip naked for steamy new 'Wild Side' video

Cardi B and Normani have joined forces for the new single, ‘Wild Side’, accompanied by a steamy video.

The track samples Aaliyah’s 1996 classic ‘One In A Million’ and looks sure to be another hit for Cardi. Tanu Munio has taken up the reigns on directing duties and picks up where he left off with Cardi after working together on the ‘Up’ video.

The salacious video for ‘Wild Side’ includes Normani pulling off intricate dance routines. She worked alongside Sean Bankhead, a choreographer with whom she has collaborated several times.

At one point in the clip, the two artists share a special moment and appear to be naked. Cardi first hyped the track when she tweeted: “The world is ready for Normani supremacy!” In response, Normani then replied: “Okay sooooo I just watched the video again. Sis what the actual fuck.”

Cardi also recently spoke out about how female rappers are unfairly treated within the industry. She erupted into a rant after one of her fans tweeted about the disparity between how male and female rappers are judged.

She then responded by stating: “Female rappers have to bust their ass on performances, great visuals, hours on makeup, hours on hair, pressure by the public to look perfect, make great music and yet are the most disrespected”.

See the video in full, below.