Nicki Minaj reveals her favourite album of all time
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Nicki Minaj reveals her favourite album of all time

Nicki Minaj is an iconic artist who has been front and centre for over 15 years in the sphere of female rap. In recent years, her growth and output has slowed down. However, her fans, the ‘Barbz’, are still interested in hearing from her and are keen to listen to her perspective on things.

Although Nicki (real name Onika Maraj) is a rapper, first and foremost, throughout her career, she has shown that she is more than capable of featuring on tracks that might not necessarily be classified as hip-hop. From dance-pop to R’n’B, Maraj has shown an interest in various genres.

When Minaj first appeared on the scene, with tracks such as ‘Moment For Life’, she proved that she could sing as well as rap and that her music had a slightly less abrasive side. However, one would assume her main musical influences would be MCs from her Queens neighbourhood.

However, on Instagram recently, the ‘Chun-Li’ musician unveiled her favourite album of all time, which is consistent with an interview Maraj did for Extra alongside Ricky Martin in 2012. Taking to Instagram, the lyricist recently posted a screenshot of herself listening to Whitney Houston’s 1985 self-titled album on Apple Music with the caption, “Greatest album of all time.”

She then posted a video of herself listening to ‘All At Once.’ Maraj has previously expressed her love for the legendary vocalist and, in her interview for Extra alongside Ricky Martin, paid tribute to the singer, who had died earlier in the year.

Explaining why she adored Whitney Houston’s music, Minaj disclosed, “I have a very special bond to Whitney’s first album — and all of her albums — but especially the first album, because when I came from Trinidad, I would spend the weekends with my aunt — my favourite aunt in the world, my mom’s sister — and she had the record player at the time with the thing, you know, that you move. And she would play Whitney’s album, so we sang it all [the time].”

Minaj even admitted that as a child she envisioned Whitney Houston singing at her wedding, stating, “One day, I wanted to ask Whitney to sing at my wedding. You know the song ‘Hold Me’? I was like, ‘I have to have her sing it.'” You can listen to Houston’s self-titled album below.