New Nicki Minaj single removed from Grammy’s rap category
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New Nicki Minaj single removed from Grammy's rap category

The latest Nicki Minaj single, ‘Super Freaky Girl’, has been removed from the Grammy’s rap category after an official voting process conducted by the Grammy awards committee. The song, which has a highly commercial sound, will now appear in the awards pop category.

This is not the first time a hip-hop artist has made a song classified as pop by the Grammy awards committee. Tracks such as Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ and Post Malone’s ‘Better Now’ appeared in the pop category as nominees for ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’, despite being delivered in the rap format.

However, for songs to be in the rap category, it is clear that the Grammy awards committee are not looking for whether or not the song is delivered in rap but is instead looking at the beat to see whether or not the track can genuinely be classed as hip hop.

There have been multiple Nicki Minaj tracks that are pop. However, Minaj is classed as a rapper, so sometimes, the lines get extremely blurred. For example, Minaj’s 2012 track ‘Starships’ is as pop as you can get. However, some people may consider it hip-hop because the lead artist is Nicki Minaj.

The Grammy’s is a highly anticipated affair. However, they are controversial, to say the least. Especially when it comes to Nicki Minaj, the Grammy’s have received a lot of stick. Nicki Minaj has been on the hip-hop scene, consistently making music since 2007. In her 15 years in the industry, she has never won a Grammy. However, Cardi B received one for her first-ever album only one year after her debut single Bodak Yellow.

Irrespective of whether or not she has won a Grammy, it is the right decision for ‘Super Freaky Girl’ to be in the pop category. The track, which samples Rick James’ 1981 classic ‘Super Freak’, will now remain in that category.

‘Super Freaky Girl’ debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it only the second track by a female rapper to debut at number one after Lauryn Hill’s, ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ back in 1998. Minaj’s track is now in the pop category and is up for an award. The 2023 Grammys will be announced on November 15th, 2022, and will air live on February 5th, 2023, on CBS.

You can view to Minaj’s ‘Super Freaky Girl’ in the video below.