Nicki Minaj features on new Wiley track ‘Bad Like We’
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Nicki Minaj features on new Wiley track 'Bad Like We'

Nicki Minaj has recently popped up as a feature on the latest Wiley track, ‘Bad Like We’. Wiley had teased the track in 2019, which originally featured Nicki Minaj, Popcaan and Drake. However, there were issues with Drake’s label, and they would not clear the song for release.

Now, three years later, we have the track. However, there is no Drake. But instead, listeners have Dyo. It is no surprise that Drake is not on the song, as not too long ago, Wiley went on one of his Twitter rants in which he asked for someone to interview him.

Taking him up on the offer, Radio 1xtra’s A-Dot interviewed Wiley over the phone. It was during this interview that Wiley tore into Drake, labelling him a “culture vulture”, “fake”, and a “pagan”. He did the same with Ed Sheeran ripping into the two for appropriating Grime.

Now the ‘Godfather of Grime’ is back, but differently. In 2019, Wiley formed a new crew, Boasty Gang, comprised of himself, Ejay, Lickle Jay, Chukky Hype and Culan. The collective focuses on Caribbean-infused music such as soca, calypso dancehall and reggae.

Calling upon a fellow Trinidadian, Wiley sought out Nicki Minaj for ‘Bad Like We’, and Minaj does not disappoint. Minaj once let it be known that she only performs her cover of ‘Hold Yuh’ by dancehall artist Gyptian when she’s in London because they’re the only audience that understands it.

With her Caribbean background, Minaj delivers her verse exceptionally well on this latest release, bringing just the right vibe. With its old school dancehall beat, ‘Bad Like We’ has quite the bounce to it and is incredibly catchy.

Dyo delivers smooth singing on the track, and Popcaan adds the finishing touches to round up the track. Overall, the track is excellent. However, the only shame is knowing that none of these artists were actually in the studio with each other, which gives the song a sort of ‘insert verse’ feel.

You can listen to the track in the video below.