Nick Cannon was once given a condom machine by Kevin Hart
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Nick Cannon was once given a condom machine by Kevin Hart

Father of several children, Nick Cannon, has revealed that he once received a condom vending machine gifted by the comedian Kevin Hart. The entertainment host posted about the gift on Instagram back in February.

Hart had sent Cannon the gift after Cannon announced that he was going to become a father for the eighth time. Cannon wrote, “Looks like somebody just sent me an early Valentine’s Day gift!! Vending machine full of Magnums.”

The gift arrived in January, just after Cannon had announced that he and model and influencer Bre Tiesi were expecting a child. On Wednesday, Cannon astonishingly revealed that he was expecting yet another child, this time with the model Brittany Bell, a woman he already has two children with.

After the condom machine arrived – apparently too late – Kevin Hart came forward and took responsibility for sending it. He took to social media to make the announcement and wrote, “GOTCHA BITCH! Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free.”

While the joke was obviously a joke, Cannon revealed that it caused some ‘baby mama drama’ with the women of his life. He said, “I still think me wrapping his face on my private plane is better than his sending me a vending machine full of condoms.”

He added, “And one thing that was brilliant about it, it was the mystery of it, because I had up some baby mama drama, ‘Who sent you that? Who sent you that?’ So, I did have to do some real-life stuff, and then when he came out and said it was him, everybody relaxed.”

Hart said, “Vending machine full of condoms is a much bigger hassle to get out of a dressing room and takes up all the space. It’s about complicating a person’s day, how do I make your day difficult? That’s a beautiful prank.”