New Ol’ Dirty Bastard documentary revealed
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New Ol’ Dirty Bastard documentary revealed

A new documentary about former Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard is set to air on the A&E Network.

The working title of the upcoming film is Biography: Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and it’s been revealed it will be co-directed by Sam Pollard, who also worked on In the Absence of Light. Additionally, his son Jason Pollard will also be involved in the project.

Pulse Films will produce the documentary alongside Four Screens and the late rapper’s estate. Hollywood Reporter states that the filmmakers have gained exclusive rights to footage shot by ODB’s wife, Icelene Jones, never aired before.

According to a press release, it promises to focus “on ODB’s solo career, from his first album release in 1995 until his untimely passing from a drug overdose in 2004. Charting his meteoric rise and heartbreaking fall, the film will look to interweave this modern narrative with looks back at his trauma-filled childhood to examine how it influenced the man and artist he would become.

“A celebration of his artistry and legacy, the documentary is billed as an ‘unflinching look’ at the complexities of his life including addiction, adultery, fame, mental illness, sudden wealth, race and criminal justice and will attempt to ask the question of just how complicit the media and music industry were in hastening his demise.”

Meanwhile, his widow commented: “I am thrilled to tell the full story of my husband. With this documentary the world will learn about the son, the husband, the father and the artist. I’m proud of the team that we built, including Pulse, my producing partners Nicole Beckett and Messiah Jacobs at Four Screens, and our directing team, the Pollards.”