New Kanye West lawsuit claims he threatened Donda students
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New Kanye West lawsuit claims he threatened Donda students

In 2022, merely months before his series of scary manic episodes, Kanye West opened his own school, the Donda Academy. With the aim of instilling Christian values in children, it is a private fee-paying school where the students have to wear black Balenciaga uniforms.

However, the academy is facing some issues as West faces a lawsuit alleging that he has abused the students and threatened to assault a member of the faculty. Staff member Trevor Phillips filed the motion. 

According to the documents filed, obtained by Rolling Stone, allege that the Chicago producer attempted to “install a jail at his school to cage students.” furthermore, Phillips asserted that West threatened to assault him during a “temper tantrum.”

One of the more controversial accusations is that West consistently gave “preferential treatment to white employees.” The 42-page document also draws attention to West’s “spontaneous firings, a late-night summons to Nobu, watching The Batman on mute, and awkwardly navigating Ye pretending to masturbate.”

This is not the first time that the Vultures musician has been accused of adding a sexual element to his business relationships. In 2022, he was recorded showing a pornographic film to a GAP employee, making people incredibly uncomfortable.

Phillips’ lawsuit isn’t the only one Kanye may soon be facing. The Chicago emcee recently fired YesJulz, who had been helping the lyricist with album rollouts and marketing for years. However, she recently announced she is contemplating a countersuit for her recent termination.

Following her termination, Ye’s chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, claimed she had breached her contract, which allegedly included an NDA. However, the talent manager (real name Julianne Goddard), has recently taken to Twitter/X to assert that she never signed an NDA and will take legal action against Kanye.