New Jersey judge in trouble for rapping explicit Nas lyrics
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New Jersey judge in trouble for rapping explicit Nas lyrics

A New Jersey judge has landed himself in trouble after posting a TikTok video in which he raps along to explicit Nas and Busta Rhymes music. The high-ranking Superior Court member Gary N. Wilcox is now the centre of an advisory committee investigation that will decide whether his position is tenable.

The committee has alleged that between April 2021 and March 2023, Wilcox posted 40 TikTok videos in which he raps along to songs that feature what has been labelled as, “profanity, graphic sexual references to female and male body parts, violence, misogyny, and racist terms,” according to the New Jersey Globe.

The Advisory Committee have filed a complaint, suggesting that Wilcox has breached Judicial Conduct by filming himself rapping. According to the judiciary body, the judge uploaded videos under the online pseudonym ‘Sal Tortorella.’

The committee highlighted one video in particular that sees Wilcox lip-syncing to the 2003 Nas track ‘Get Down.’ The filed complaint states that the track, “contains explicit lyrics concerning a criminal case and a courtroom shooting as well as derogatory and discriminatory terms, drug and gang references, and the killing of a doctor in a hospital who treated another gang member.”

Another video selected for examination is a clip that sees Wilcox rapping along to Busta Rhymes’s iconic 2006 hit ‘Touch It.’ The judge posted the video with a caption reading, “When an ex-girlfriend calls you ‘Santa’ because of your new white beard.”

Wilcox then proceeds to rhyme, “For the record, just a second, I’m freakin’ it out/ While she tryin’ to touch, see, I was peepin’ it out/ She turned around and was tryin’ to put my dick in her mouth/ I let her.”

Wilcox’s attorney has spoken out concerning this investigation, as reported by The New York Times, Robert Hille declared, “I don’t think that at the end of the day, anybody is going to believe there was any desire to do any harm here…Hindsight is 20-20.”