NBA YoungBoy comes out in support of Kanye West in new track: “hold your ground”
(Credit: Spotify)


NBA YoungBoy comes out in support of Kanye West in new track: “hold your ground”

NBA YoungBoy has unveiled a new track called ‘This Is Not a Song, This For My Supporters.’ The eight-minute single features a line in which the rapper tells Kanye West to “hold your ground”.

NBAYoungBoy recently shared the song on his Youtube page. The video features a photo of the rapper posing in front of a white wall featuring the words “stop the violence”. The track comes shortly after Kanye West praised Adolf Hitler during an interview with Alex Jones.

Kanye was subsequently removed from Twitter after posting a photo of a swastika. Twitter owner Elon Musk wrote: “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

In this latest track, Youngboy revealed his support of West. Three minutes into the song, he raps: “It hurt my heart that Kanye let them people break his soul / How the fuck that go? / Stay in yo’ home! N***a / hold your ground! You strong!”

Kanye West recently reignited public backlash after appearing on Infowars alongside white supremacist and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. During the interview, Kanye argued that even Hitler, the dictator who oversaw the Holocaust, had good traits. According to the rapper, there were “good things about Hitler also.”

He went on to say: “I am done with the classifications. Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table – especially Hitler.” He had previously argued that “we need to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.”