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Navy Blue shares a brand new video for 'Primo'

Navy Blue has shared the visuals for his latest single, ‘Primo’.

Earlier this year, the rapper released his third album, Navy’s Reprise, and ‘Primo’ is the penultimate track from that record. The introspective rapper is making a name for himself, and the latest video shows that he is a true artist who thinks about every facet of his aesthetic rather than just focusing on the music.

On the track, he raps: “Pilot in the cold, heart, reaping what I’m sown, gathered all the parts, I needed to revolt, all my demons in the dark, they steady swinging low, missed me for the most times, them other times feel the blame, took an oath, I’m wearing white clothing, redemption only Derrick Rose know it, can’t lose focus.”

Navy’s Reprise is a personal record that follows the rapper’s recovery after his severe panic attacks, and dependency on weed led his mental health down a dark spiral.

It’s an open and brave record that sees Navy wear his heart on his sleeve. If you haven’t listened to it yet, allow ‘Primo’ to be your gateway into a Navy Blue coloured world.