Nas prompts old-school MCs to release their music
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Nas prompts old-school MCs to release their music

Legendary Illmatic rapper Nas recently sat down with Billboard magazine to reflect on the history of hip-hop, his lengthy career, and the importance of creative freedom. However, during his sit-down conversation, he called on rappers from his generation to start making and releasing more music. 

Nas, who recently released his album, Magic 2,  has been highly prolific on the music-making front and, since 2020, has released five full-length studio albums. In collaboration with new-school California producer Hit-Boy who works extremely closely with Kendrick Lamar, Nas has created some extraordinary material. 

Together, the pair produced King’s Disease, King’s Disease II, King’s Disease III, Magic and Magic 2. However, in his recent interview with Billboard, he admits that he’s currently dissatisfied with artists from his generation and their work ethic when it comes to music. 

The Queensbridge lyricist (real name Nasir Jones) is an emcee of the 1990s and early 2000s. However, he feels as if other acts from his generation have given up and are no longer creative or stimulating.

In a message to rappers of the 1990s, Jones declared, “Release your records. They’re working hard on them shits. I wanna hear how people feel. I wanna hear their art.” Nas explained that he feels if his generation provides some music, it may inspire new artists and spark more diversity in the genre.

Jones admitted he’s tired of the one-dimensional sonic that has engulfed hip-hop. Speaking to his generation, the ‘NY State Of Mind’ rapper stated, “I don’t want to hear the trends. I want to hear the art.”

He finalised by stating, “Express it. Do it. Be free. That’s what I’m trying to give to the game now. It’s that! Just being free with it. I don’t pay attention to anything except what I’m doing at this point because I’m having so much fun!” Although Jones is still creating material many artists from his generation have other endeavours. However he may inspire some.