(Credit: Mikamote)


Nas, LL Cool J and more break ground on site of Universal Hip Hop Museum

The world of hip hop turned its head toward one special building site yesterday as Nas, LL Cool J, Fat Joe, and a host more stars helped break ground on the Universal Hip Hop Museum site.

The Bronx venue is set to open in 2023 and has gathered the attention of the entire music world with its groundbreaking first move. It will be the first-ever museum dedicated solely to rap music and will charter the historical rise of hip hop over the last decades.

As well as Nas and LL Cool J, the event welcomed Grandmaster Flash, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick, Michael Bivins and EMPD. It was a celebration of all things hip hop and a view of the future, which will help explain the past to hip hop’s adoring audience.

“Hip hop is one of those things that really gave my life meaning,” LL Cool J said at the ceremony, reflecting on the huge impact music had made on his life. “It made me feel like I really could do something with my life.”

“[The music] taught me more than schools taught me, believe it or not,” Nas added with dignified honour. “I’m proud to be here in the mecca of hip hop, the Bronx.”

The Universal Hip Hop Museum ambassador Grandmaster Flash said: “I came up with a technique by placing my fingertips on the records… Here we are, almost 47 years later…Ladies and gentlemen, I tell you, this is really special.”

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