Nas & André 3000 celebrate at ‘King’s Disease III’ release party in New York
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Nas & André 3000 celebrate at 'King's Disease III' release party in New York

Following the release of Nas’ new album, King’s Disease III, he partied with André 3000 in New York. The icons of the genre certainly know how to celebrate.

The record is the third instalment in Nas’ King’s Disease collaboration with super-producer, Hit-Boy, who has gotten the best out of the legendary rapper. Together, their partnership has brought Nas back into relevance and showed that he’s still capable of going blow to blow with anyone on the planet.

To celebrate the release, Nas and Hit-Boy held an exclusive party in New York. There were a series of special guests in attendance, such as Joey Bada$$ but mysterious Outkast member André 3000 was also there and was pictured alongside the duo behind the new album.

During the event, Nas also paid tribute to the late Migos rapper, Takeoff, who was fatally shot in Houston. He said: “We’re trying to tell these people out here, man, we’re here for a purpose. We can’t be destroying each other over bullshit. Look at these little brothers and be like don’t shoot; don’t throw your life away. It ain’t worth it. There’s something to live for, something to be here for.”

Nas added: “All that tough shit is cool when you’re growing up, but we gotta learn that we’re here for a purpose, and there is a design that’s out here to make sure we don’t grow, to make sure that we don’t make it. And we gotta recognize that there is something in existence that’s trying to stop the youth from the hood from growing into its proper purpose.”

Unfortunately, while Nas was living it up in New York, his home in Los Angeles was reportedly burgled, which damped his celebrations. Listen to King’s Disease III below.