Mystikal has been arrested on first-degree rape charge
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Mystikal has been arrested on first-degree rape charge

New Orleans rapper, Mystikal, has been arrested on a first-degree rape charge, as well as a count of felony domestic abuse by strangulation, among others. He remains in custody in Baton Rouge Parish, sheriff’s deputies have confirmed.

Mystikal, AKA Michael Tyler, was allegedly picked up by police after they had spoken with a sexual assault victim at a hospital on Sunday evening. The victim suffered minor injuries, police confirmed. After a short investigation, it became evident that Tyler was the suspect.

Tyler found fame in the 1990s with his hit ‘Shake Ya Ass’ and gained further prominence when his 2000 album Let’s Get Ready went platinum. Being nominated for two Grammys in 2003 would prove to be the peak of his career as his life soon went off the rails.

That same year, Tyler pleaded guilty to forcing his hairstylist to perform “continuous sex acts”. The victim has accused Tyler and two bodyguards of making her perform oral sex and then accused her of stealing $80,000 in cheques.

The trio of offenders shared 13 years in sentencing, with Tyler taking the runt of the rap, serving six years in state prison for sexual battery and extortion. In a recent conversation with Associated Press, Tyler said he was trying to take a new road in life, saying now he was “rapping it to God and if I can rap it, I’m proud.”

In light of his rap sheet, Tyler said the only way out was to “stay out the water because it’s sharks in that water … in other words, don’t put yourself in situations where things like this can happen. I’m too old for that.”

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