MoneySign Suede has died in prison
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MoneySign Suede has died in prison

Los Angeles-based rapper MoneySign Suede has been found dead in the prison where he was serving a short term. Multiple sources reported the news on Wednesday, April 26th. The 22-year-old artist was reportedly set to be released soon. No other details have been divulged at this juncture.

In an interview with AllHipHop last October, MoneySign Suede set out his future ambitions. He described himself as a “young rapper from LA – young Mexican. One of the first Mexicans to do this shit for real, the way I’m trying to do it. Mainstream, I really want to get up there. Parkside baby, the chosen one. I want to be big. I want to make history; I want to be legendary. I want to be on some other shit; I’m not a typical rapper.”

MoneySign Suede seemed to find mischief whenever he wasn’t on stage. The young rapper had reportedly been in and out of prison for many years, but in July 2022, he was involved in a mass shootout at an LA warehouse. MoneySign Suede allegedly shot two people inside the building and another on the street outside who died from the wounds. 

The rapper released his debut mixtape Parkside Baby following a stint behind bars. “I recorded this tape ever since I came out of jail,” he told AllHipHop. “Just by coming out of jail, I was really motivated. My mindset was: I gotta go hard for me. That was last May. Being out of jail, just trying to make the best music I could make. It all came together.”

“It’s crazy. I could say a lot, but one thing I could for sure say on top of my head right now is I learned patience. I learned how to appreciate things more, like family and the little things,” he added on life behind bars.