Missy Elliott remakes her old classic music videos
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Missy Elliott remakes her old classic music videos

Missy Elliott is known for her iconic visuals and out-of-the-box aesthetic. Since she first appeared on the scene in the late 1990s, Elliott has been a permanent figure in the mainstream and has been recognised as a boundary breaker.

Not only is Elliott a name in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, but in 2019, she received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her groundbreaking contributions to visuals concerning music videos.

Elliott has worked with the likes of Hype Williams and visual designer Ron Norsworthy to create epic, unforgettable music videos such as the instantly recognisable ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ visuals, which featured cameos from the likes of Diddy, Lil Kim, TLC, YoYo, 702 and others.

That said, Elliott recently announced that she stumbled upon the original outfits from some of her iconic videos, such as her famous black blow-up trash bag look, and has chosen to recreate them for her fans.

Taking to Instagram to share the news with her followers, Elliott wrote, “Yooooo! so I found all my ORIGINAL outfits I wore in some of my most ICONIC videos & I decided to see what I would look like in these fits in the year 2024 so I wanted to show yall me in the ORIGINAL clothes.”

She also dated the looks and highlighted how long it has been since she first wore the outfits, writing, “‘The Rain’ 27 YEARS AGO, ‘Hotboyz’ 25 YEARS AGO, ‘Sock it To Me’ 27 YEARS AGO, ‘Beep Me 911’ 26 YEARS AGO, ‘Gossip Folk’ 22 YEARS AGO.”

She also concluded the post with a message about how far she’s come since wearing most of her outfits, typing, “I went back in time WOW. Heavenly Father, I thank you! I’ve come a long way!”

You can see Elliott’s recent Instagram post below.