Missy Elliott gives advice to Cardi B on her second album
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Missy Elliott gives advice to Cardi B on her second album

Missy Elliott has recently given advice to Cardi B about how to approach her new album as the ‘Bodak Yellow’ emcee updates fans about how she feels in the lead-up to its release.

Cardi (real name Belcalis Almanzar) has been building anticipation by posting about her creative process and more concerning the creation of her new unnamed album. It has been six years since the release of Invasion Of Privacy, and The Bronx native has admitted that she has been extremely nervous over the past few years.

Fans have taken to Twitter/X in droves to speak about the new project. One user tried to advise Almanzar, writing, “Your second album is not the time to be experimenting….maybe the third album but definitely not the second..just give the people what they need. She still needs to win people back.”

However, Grammy-award-winning emcee Missy Elliott caught wind of this and suggested the complete opposite helped her achieve the success she did, posting, “Absolutely yes it’s the time to experiment. Take it from someone who experimented and many others which allowed them to NOT be BOXED into one sound.”

Speaking about various hip-hop artists, Missy wrote, “I can name tons who each of their albums sounded nothing like the one before.” It is undoubtedly true that many figures, such as Kanye West, have albums that sound where the stark difference in sonics can be heard.

Rejoining the conversation, Cardi seemed to reassure Elliott that she has not been taking advice from anyone and is going with her instincts, posting, “Yeup!!! I’m a little nervous…but I don’t care! I’m liking doing things that my ears want to listen to and reflecting the moods I been in. It feels good.”

Last month, Cardi revealed to fans that she has a song on her new album entitled ‘Cunty’ and concerning the amount of material she has, Almanzar wrote, “[Since] January 2023 ….I really got like 100 songs.”