Metro Boomin explains why he cut Drake from ‘Heroes and Villains’ album
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Metro Boomin explains why he cut Drake from ‘Heroes and Villains’ album

Metro Boomin certainly showed some mettle recently when he cut rap’s current biggest name from his album. He has since explained why Drake’s ‘Trance’ verse was left off the final edit of his Heroes & Villains album.  

Boomin has explained that the song was already finished to his liking prior to Drake getting involved. He had heard the recorded work with Travis Scott and Young Thug, left the booth, and finished production on ‘Trance’ shelving it as a final cut. 

It wasn’t until later that Drake lent a verse to the track separately. When Metro Boomin heard this he simply concluded that he preferred the song the way that it was originally and he simply left Drake off the track. 

“[Sic] Really, it was a song I had did with Travis and Thug, originally for my album,” he told DJ Drama. “I was in the studio with Drake one time because we were gonna do some stuff for my album. He just wanted to hear some songs from my album, and then he heard that one.”

Metro Boomin continues: “He really wanted to get on it but I was letting him know that it was really just done for real. I was really just set on how it was. I was like, ‘Bro, I ain’t trying to sell you no dream. I’m locked in where it was.’ He had hit me and was just like, ‘Let me see if there’s anything you could add to it.’ He was like, ‘If you don’t like it, then whatever.’”

Clearly, it turned out to be whatever, because despite Drake’s verse appearing online, it does not feature on the album version. “He did some stuff, a couple parts was cool but like I just felt like just even with like Slime verse and Trav verse and the outro, it wasn’t just no room,” he continues.

Before earnestly concluding: “It wasn’t nothing personal. I just ended up using the original and I guess the other one just leaked or something.” It’s certainly a bold move and shows how seriously that Metro Boomin takes the integrity of his work.