Method Man picks the five greatest rappers of all time
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Method Man picks the five greatest rappers of all time

Method Man is a highly versatile MC who has been a constant presence since the late 1980s. Rising to prominence as part of the legendary Staten Island crew The Wu-Tang Clan in the mid-1990s, the rapper (real name Clifford Smith Jr.) is loved for his intricate lyricism, partnership with Redman and his famous stoner comedy How High, a must-watch that will have viewers laughing out loud. Known as one of hip hop’s greats, Method Man is undoubtedly a talent.

With the Staten Island rapper rising to fame during the mid-1990s, his career would not begin officially until his crew released their debut single, ‘Protect Ya Neck’. With this track, the Wu-Tang Clan found a buzz. They would not only maintain this buzz, but they would build a legacy. 

With Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) getting released in 1994, the crew would go on to reach extraordinary heights together on Loud Records. However, the ensemble would eventually dissipate after Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s fatal overdose in 2004 and would head in a plethora of different directions individually. 

Method Man as part of the duo Method Man and Redman, was one of the more successful members of the Clan and has made quite a career for himself in the world of film. Aside from 2001’s How High, one film that the rapper starred in was The Sitter alongside comedian and actor Jonah Hill.

In an interview with VLAD TV, the two of them spoke not only about the film but about their favourite rappers, with Jonah Hill revealing, “I’d say, Method Man, Jay-Z, Biggie, Big L and Guru.” When asked the same question Method, Man responded, “I can name you my top three, me, myself and I.” Method man has never given his top five but said that he agreed with Jonah Hill with regard to his favourite rappers.

Method Man and Jonah Hill’s top five rappers:

  • Method Man
  • Jay-Z
  • Biggie
  • Big L
  • Guru