Megan Thee Stallion releases ‘Tuned In Freestyle’
(Credit: Depop)


Megan Thee Stallion releases 'Tuned In Freestyle'

Megan Thee Stallion has served up another old-school throwback with ‘Tuned In Freestyle’.

The track arrives just weeks after she released ‘Outta Town Freestyle’, which was a delivery for her day-ones. Her last single saw her spit over the same beat she freestyled over two years ago before becoming one of the most recognisable artists in the world.

“Was re inspired by this beat, so here’s another freestyle to it,” she captioned the video.

Now, Megan has a taste for revisiting her roots, and ‘Tuned In Freestyle’ sees her deliver another flow not intended for daytime radio. It’s refreshing to know that she still has this side of her artistry and is more than happy to exhibit it on the new track.

The fiery effort sees her spit: “Talk about something y’all like, stop talkin’ ’bout me, Since y’all hate a bitch so much, The way broke bitches coming for me, know it gotta be free, But I get paid when I show up, Pressed, stressed, obsessed, I got ’em, Everything I do keep another bitch talking, Watching my back ’cause these dudes be stalking, Watching my plate got these broke hoes starving”.

Listen to the new one below.