Megan Thee Stallion drops new single ‘Out Alpha the Alpha’
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Megan Thee Stallion drops new single 'Out Alpha the Alpha'

‘Savage’ emcee Megan Thee Stallion recently released a new single, ‘Out Alpha The Alpha’, from the soundtrack A24’s Dicks: The Musical, which the rapper features in playing the role of Gloria Masters. 

Masters is the CEO of an enormous company, and in the film, Megan Thee Stallion (real name Megan Pete) portrays the quintessential ‘Boss Chick’. Pete stars alongside actors such as Josh Sharp, who plays Craig and Aaron Jackson, who takes on the role of Trevor.

Both work for Pete in the movie, and on this latest song, the Houston musician rallies all women to fight the corporate patriarchy, rapping, “I’mma tell you the secret to my success / Men are all stupid, weak little boys/ They’re not very smart, they just make lots of noise.”

In an interview with Consequence magazine, the musical’s director, Larry Charles, spoke about working with Pete on this project, disclosing, “She came to the set, and no one had told her that she had dialogue and choreography besides the song.” 

He continued, “She went and learned all that stuff and basically shot the entire ‘Out Alpha the Alpha’ [number] in one day, and then shot all the rest of her stuff on the second day. So it was a whirlwind, but she totally delivered.”

As she experiments more with acting, Pete has announced that she will also feature in the seventh season of Big Mouth. The adult cartoon sitcom on Netflix. Pete has come back strong following the Tory Lanez trial. She recently released ‘Bongos,’ the long-awaited follow-up to ‘WAP’ alongside Cardi B and also got the honour of performing live with Beyoncé in her hometown of Houston.

Dicks: The Musical will hit cinemas on Friday, October 6th. It also stars Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally as Craig and Trevor’s eccentric divorced parents, whom they try to trick into getting back together. You can hear ‘Out Alpha The Alpha’ below.