Meek Mill set to release new music on the anniversary of his father’s death
(Credit: Chris Sikich)


Meek Mill set to release new music on the anniversary of his father's death

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has announced that he will be releasing new music in August, on the anniversary of his father’s death. Mill’s last album was 2021’s Expensive Pain, and he is yet to release anything this year, but per one of his latest tweets, it is all set to change. 

Mill has announced that he is going to drop ten projects independently without any label backing, starting September. However, fans shouldn’t expect the new singles to arrive as part of the traditional Friday release schedule. 

“10 tapes independently starting September … new music dropping AUGUST 18 the day my dad died is when I start wylinnnnnnn again,” he tweeted on Wednesday (July 27). “I’m not dropping albums on Friday either!”

Fans believe that Meek Mill is starting a new chapter in his career, following recent reports that he had split with his management company, Roc Nation. “I’m personally handling my own business so I can take risk and grow ..we came to that agreement together,” he wrote. “I have a label deal with roc for my artist and I got reform super tied with them and many other investments wit jigga.”

Meek first joined Jay-Z’s Roc Nation back in 2012 when the associate of Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman was his manager. Then, in 2019 the ‘Tupac Back’ rapper entered into a joint venture deal between his label, Dreamchasters, and Roc Nation. 

Mill has experienced some trouble with labels as of late, with him ranting about Atlantic Records on several occasions, claiming that they’ve obstructed his created freedom, and even “starved him” out of millions of dollars. 

“They didn’t put nothing into expensive pain and then said I can’t drop another project for 9 months at the end of my contract after I made them 100’s of millions,” he tweeted back in February. “How would [sic] can anybody survive that … most rappers can’t speak because they depend on these companies ‘I don’t.'”