Mac Miller’s family share ‘Macadelic’ 10th anniversary vinyl alongside rare footage
(Credit: Brick Stowell)


Mac Miller’s family share ‘Macadelic’ 10th anniversary vinyl alongside rare footage

Mac Miller’s family have announced the release of Macadelic and shared rare footage of the late rapper.

The new release commemorates the 10th anniversary of the mixtape, which arrived months after releasing his debut album, Blue Slide Park, in 2011. The remastered vinyl of Macadelic has already been issued, and features raised cover art.

Additionally, proceeds from the vinyl will go directly to the Mac Miller Fund, which offers young musicians the chance to access resources they wouldn’t be able to afford without assistance.

Furthermore, Mac’s estate have shared previously unseen footage, directed and edited by Rex Arrow, from 2012 when the late rapper was only 20-years-old.

Meanwhile, in an emotional new interview, Vince Staples shared memories of his late friend and remembered how much he helped him during the early stages of his career.

Miller took Staples under his wing earlier in his career by taking him on the road with him and refused to take royalties from a 2013 mixtape he co-produced for the Californian.

“He gave me advice but also opportunity, I would say is the easiest way to put it,” Staples explained to Hot 97. “Like, ‘You should be doing more music, but I’m also gonna help you with the beats. And I’m not gonna charge you, and I’m gonna take you on tour, and I’m gonna kind of help you figure out how tour goes, and I’m gonna make sure you don’t have any expenses on tour.’ And that kind of just put me in a good position to be set up.”