Ludacris pays tribute to Gucci Mane
(Credit: Eva Rinaldi)


Ludacris pays tribute to Gucci Mane

Red Light District emcee Ludacris recently paid tribute to his Atlanta counterpart, Gucci Mane, during an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. While talking to Noreaga and DJ EFN, he also claimed the rapper doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Ludacris’ Drink Champs interview was released on February 3rd, and during his conversation with the hosts, he stated that, although Gucci Mane may not have been the most successful act commercially, he had a massive impact on “street culture” in Atlanta.

Knowing his love for Atlanta MCs, Noreaga and DJ EFN asked Ludacris to pick a favourite between Jeezy and Gucci Mane. The ‘Move Bitch’ rapper was highly reluctant to participate at first.

Expressing his love for the pair, Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) first stated, “I fucking love both of these guys, man. I’m talking about the history that they’ve made, what they’ve done for the goddamn culture.”

However, he eventually admitted that he personally likes Jeezy a bit more. He explained he determined his choice “in terms of who [he] probably listens to more.” But he went on to praise Gucci Mane.

Showing his respect for his Atlanta counterpart, Bridges stated, “For Gucci, I don’t think anyone has done for street culture what that motherfucker has done for street culture in hip-hop, period.”

His recent podcast appearance is not the first time he has revealed himself as a self-professed Jeezy fan. Last month, Bridges took to social media to express his love for the lyricist while the pair were backstage at an event in Houston.

Ludacris proceeded to give him his flowers, telling his followers, “I tell n*ggas all the time, one of my favorite lines in Hip Hop period: ‘Minus the bullshit life’s great / Just put a camera on the peach in my license plate.” A lyric is from Jeezy’s 2003 track ‘Get Ya Mind Right.’

He concluded, “I’m a Jeezy fan. I’m letting y’all know that shit right fucking now.” You can hear Ludacris on Drink Champs below.