Logic says he is “scared” to take edibles
(Credit: Nick Mahar)


Logic says he is “scared” to take edibles

Maryland rapper Logic has resurfaced to share his opinions on edibles as he prepares to head on his College Park tour with Memphis rapper Juicy J. Juicy J (real name Jordan Houston) and close friend of the renowned stoner Wiz Khalifa is no stranger to marijuana and, in a strange yet informative video posted to Instagram, Logic asked Houston about his most intense and impactful experiences with drugs. However, he had no problem admitting that even though he’s an emcee and hip-hop artist, he’s a bit of a softy regarding narcotics. 

Laying his cards on the table early, Logic (real name Robert Hall) humorously disclosed, “I’ve never eaten an edible!” Explaining his reasons why the Maryland musician professed, “I’m scared. I’m scared. ‘Cause my merch guy on my last tour said he took the tiniest gummy, but it was like almost 1000 MG or some crazy shit, and he was high for 72 hours.”

However, in a strange turn of events, it turns out that Houston, featured on Wiz Khalifa’s 2012 stoner track ‘Smokin’ On’, is also quite apprehensive about gummies. Explaining his aversion to the drug-infused candy, the Memphis act agreed, stating, “Yeah, I don’t fuck with them edibles like that either. I had to stop too. Them muthafuckas have you seeing shit!”

Hall then took the conversation to a new level as the two began revealing their psychedelic experiences. In an inquisitive manner, Hall asked the Memphis lyricist, “You ever done shrooms or microdose? How is that? I really wanna do it. My wife was down to do it a few years ago, but I wasn’t mentally ready yet, and then I was ready, but now she’s pregnant, so she’s like, ‘You gotta wait until I have my baby.’ So my question is, how is it when you microdose? What’s it feel like?” In a gleeful manner as he recalled his euphoria Juicy J simply described the out-of-body experience as “Floating.”

The two artists will commence ‘The College Park Tour’ later this month in Wisconsin and perform in over 20 states before wrapping things up in Phoenix, Arizona. The musical road trip follows the release of Logic’s eighth album, College Park,  released earlier this year, which saw guest appearances from Bun B, Fat Tre, Norah Jones, RZA, Redman, Seth MacFarlane and more. You can see the conversation between Houston and Hall in the video below.