Logic releases two new songs, ‘Over You’ and ‘Mafia Music’
(Credit: Nick Mahar / Brandt Luke Zorn)

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Logic releases two new songs, 'Over You' and 'Mafia Music'

Logic and Madlib are back with another collaborative track from their partnership, MadGic, titled ‘Mafia Money’. Logic wasn’t content with just dropping a single song, so he also released ‘Over You’, a calmer acoustic track.

‘Over You’ shows off Logic’s melodic sensibilities after his two most recent Madlib collaborations focused on the aggressive, lightning-fast rhyming abilities of the rapper. Meant to sound like it’s either being recorded at a concert or casually being strummed backstage, the song is basically Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’ reinterpreted for the modern-day. Hey, if you’re going to swipe from a song, kudos for swiping from a great song.

The new track comes on the heels of ‘Live From The Farm’, a similarly live-sounding guitar-driven track that was released last week. Perhaps these releases are signs that a new album from Sir Bobby Hall is in the works, one that focuses less on the rap side of his style and closer to the rock, pop, and indie inclinations. It’s hard to say: one song in the style is a coincidence, two songs is a pattern.

On the other side, we have ‘Mafia Money’, the latest from Logic’s ongoing collaboration with producer extraordinaire Madlib for the duo’s new protect MadGic. Featuring Logic narrating the process behind recording the new songs, including tangents involving Kanye West‘s engineer and multiple fake out entrances, ‘Mafia Money’ is the more traditional rap Yin to ‘Over You’ mellow and contemplative acoustic guitar Yang.

Honing in on stealing from Target (relatable), nights filled with tequila (also relatable), and getting rich off of Gamestop stock (not relatable), ‘Mafia Music’ is another great stream of conscious cut with a number of superb samples. We also get yet another reference to Logic’s “retirement”, a phrase I now feel obligated to put into scare quotes every time I reference. You stepped away, man. It’s cool. But you didn’t retire. That’s all publicity. Good publicity.

The beat switch finds Logic taking his rhymes to third gear, responding to the increased tempo with a new frantic flow that never feels hurried or rushed. It just rolls along with the new sounds, showing off not only Madlib’s gift for intricately dense production but also Logic’s adaptability and comfort with just about any beat.

Check out ‘Over You’ and ‘Mafia Money’ down below.