Logic names his favourite Big Daddy Kane album
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Logic names his favourite Big Daddy Kane album

Beginning his career around 12 years ago in 2010, Logic has grown to become one of the most respected non-black rappers in contemporary hip-hop and has released a number of critically acclaimed bodies of work.

While meme and SoundCloud rappers such as Lil Xan and Bhad Bhabie were receiving big-money record deals, with their antics fuelling hatred of white hip-hop, authentic and genuine rappers like G-Eazy and Logic were producing quality hip-hop and garnering respect from the culture.

With most listeners valuing music with meaning over nonsensical rubbish, Logic has remained in his rightful place while the meme rappers have vanished with their music devoid of longevity. That said, it is easy to understand why the Maryland musician (real name Robert Hall) notes one of his biggest influences growing up as Brooklyn legend Big Daddy Kane.

In an interview with BlurredCulture.com, Hall elaborated on why Kane (real name Antonio Hardy) remains one of his favourite MCs ever, declaring, “He’s the fuckin’ man…I love that it was just one man standing on his own, and he could just go toe-to-toe with anybody, anytime, anywhere. And that’s something I loved. The fun, braggadociousness, ’cause that’s what hip-hop was built upon.”

The Young Sinatra act then proceeded to reveal his favourite Big Daddy Kane album, disclosing, “For me, Looks Like A Job For that’s my personal favourite album from him. I felt like he embodied so much of New York City, of hip-hop…From the drums and the samples to just the analogue sound back in the day. And just everything to me.”

Looks Like A Job For… Was Big Daddy Kane’s fifth studio album. Released in 1993, the album was moderately successful but featured the iconic track ’Nuff Respect,’ which was featured on the soundtrack of the legendary film Juice starring 2Pac.

Earlier this year, Logic dropped his eighth album, College Park, which was heavily criticised by music publications and fans alike for its unimaginative beats and formatting. However, he followed it up with his mixtape Inglorious Basterds this Autumn, which was received slightly better.

You can listen to Big Daddy Kane’s Looks Like A Job For…below.