(Credit: Lizzo / Press)


Lizzo returns with first new music in two years, 'Rumors'

If you, like any self-respecting human being on this God-forsaken rock, have felt a tremendous lack of self-empowering booty jams over the past two years, maybe that’s because Lizzo has been working on her follow up to 2019’s Cuz I Love You over that time.

Lizzo’s unique brand of positivity (unless your name happens to be ‘Jerome’) has been sorely missed, but today we get to fall in love with the pop star all over again with her new single ‘Rumors’.

With a guest spot from Cardi B, ‘Rumors’ is everything that music has missed from the queen of ‘Juice’. Slick R&B beats, half-sung half-monologued vocals, and wonderfully perverse lyrics. Lizzo and Cardi B work in simpatico to give two big middle fingers to anyone and everyone who might have a problem with anything that they do.

Basically, the central theme of the song is “shut your damn mouth, you don’t know Lizzo”. She confirmed for us that she hasn’t slept with Drake (yet), she doesn’t give a shit about reports of her diet (or lack thereof) and if you thought she was bad during lockdown, just wait to they let her out of the house (which, sadly, might have to wait. Curse you Delta variant!).

So that’s where we are now. What comes next? Hopefully another album, which Lizzo has alluded to, and most definitely more singles. Will the follow up be another on-brand dunk-a-thon , or we will we get a ballad, funk rock stomper, or soulful rap tune from the versatile artists? Whose to say: for now, let’s just enjoy having Lizzo back at the forefront of pop culture, where she belongs.

Check out the video for ‘Rumors’ down below.