Listen to the latest J Hus and Drake single ‘Who Told You’
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Listen to the latest J Hus and Drake single 'Who Told You'

Canadian rapper and singer Drake is one of the most successful hip-hop artists ever. However, he is proficient across several genres and has recently incorporated more African music into his material. As such, it is unsurprising that the emcee (real name Aubrey Graham) has happily featured on a track alongside the Afrobeat singer J Hus. 

Hailing from the UK, J Hus has a number of his own hits, including ‘Did You See’ and ‘Bouff Daddy.’ However, this most recent release, ‘Who Told You’, maybe his most exciting track of the year so far. The song was released on June 8th. However, fans are yet to see a music video. 

With a catchy chorus, the track addresses the willingness of gangsters to dance in spite of their perceived angriness. With lyrics such as, “Who told you bad man don’t dance/ Who told you gangstas don’t dance/ Even with a wap on my hip, I dance.” 

Drake delivers the song’s third verse and frequently makes subtle references to his 2016 hit ‘Controlla’ and raps about trouble following him, rhyming, “I knew you were trouble, I was unprepared/ If I were married, this might turn a scandalous affair.”

He continues, “Trouble is there, trouble is there/ Trouble been right there, trouble is there/ Trouble gon’ find me anywhere, trouble gon’ find me,” Drizzy spits.

Fans knew something with Graham was in the pipeline as, earlier this year, the ‘Lean and Bop’ singer posted footage of himself in the studio on the day he first heard Drake’s vocals. The two have always had a cordial relationship, performing together at the O2 Arena in 2019.

‘Who Told You’ will be featured on J Hus’ upcoming album, Don’t Say Militancy. Hus recently released his lead solo single, ‘It’s Crazy.’ You can see the single’s visualiser in the video below.