Listen to the iconic Run-DMC song ‘It’s Tricky’ via isolated vocals
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Listen to the iconic Run-DMC song 'It's Tricky' via isolated vocals

Some isolated vocal tracks are extremely emotional, beautiful, and sweep you up into a world of musical bliss. Then, we have… Well, we have this. Did you expect Run-DMC‘s isolated vocals to be enchanting? I mean, I guess you can make the argument that they are, if enchantingly hilarious fits the bill.

Look, I said what I said, and I really don’t mean it as an insult. It’s actually extremely funny and endearing. Even with a lot of hip hop songs, the isolated vocals are more like a fire a capella verse or slam poetry, but ‘It’s Tricky’ is just a little too wild and loud. It just needs music to sound like a normal song.

You can definitely hear the lyrics much clearer when you put on the isolated vocals, which might be appealing to you, but ultimately, it’s really great for a laugh above all else. Some part of it feels like a middle school bus chant or summer camp song that you and your friends sing over and over again as kids.

Especially when they pass the vocals back and forth quickly between them or shout the words in unison, it’s enough to make you giggle out loud.

Honestly, I expect that if this gains popularity in the world of internet circulation, it should definitely be as a meme. Really, this isolated vocal track has heaps of meme potential. Imagine it as a Tik Tok sound! Imagine all the fun little dances and cartoons, and even scripted videos people could make with this. Really, the potential with this one is endless.

Check out Run-DMC’s isolated vocals for the song ‘It’s Tricky’ and see what you think. Are you getting inspired for the next viral social media sensation? Or do you simply want a good laugh? Either way, you should check this one out.