Lil Wayne was once accused of punching his assistant
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Lil Wayne was once accused of punching his assistant

Lil Wayne is a hip-hop legend. Born and raised in the Hollygrove neighbourhood of New Orleans, the man behind the Young Money label has not only seen an unfathomable amount of success himself but has also helped launch the careers of some highly successful musicians, including Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga.

Despite being a beloved rapper and a person who has gifted many people their careers, the lyricist (real name Dwayne Carter) has also had some frankly shameful moments. One includes the emcee allegedly assaulting his assistant by punching him in the face.

Footage of Carter giving a deposition has previously appeared on the internet, and his flippant conduct surprised many. However, the 2022 allegation that the ‘A Milli’ musician punched one of his employees in the face left his fans extremely shocked.

The assistant, named Andrew Williams, sued Lil Wayne following what he described as a private jet fight during which Carter punched him in the jaw. Williams also sued Young Money Entertainment and a company called Signature Flight Support following the dispute.

Williams was Carter’s personal assistant and did everything for him, including booking flights and handling transportation. In court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Wayne boarded the private jet but entered an altercation with the pilot. The dossier detailed that to calm the situation down, Williams attempted to talk to the emcee. However, in the heat of the moment, the Young Money founder turned around and punched him. 

The dossier had a paragraph reading, “The combination of a closed fist and the numerous rings and large jewellery on the hands of [Wayne] caused great harm to [Williams].” The passage continued to highlight how due to Carter, Williams had “Incurred general damages including incurring medical expenses in amounts to be proven at trial.”

Williams’ attorney declared that “Lil Wayne was wilful and malicious and was intended to oppress and cause injury to [Williams]. [Williams] is therefore entitled to an award of punitive damages.” Despite some minor claims, due to lack of evidence, the case didn’t progress and was seemingly been dismissed.