Lil Pump offers Amber Heard a bed to poop in
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Lil Pump offers Amber Heard a bed to poop in

If there is one celebrity story that has defined 2022, then it is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s all-inclusive defamation trial, which concluded with a victory for Depp. Among the troubling accounts of domestic and emotional abuse, was a strange story which saw Depp accuse Heard of defecating in his bed as an act of rebellion. Now, Lil Pump has had his say on the gruesome tale.

One of SoundCloud’s finest exports, Lil Pump may not be making the headlines with his music in the way he had always hoped for, but he’s grabbed a few here by claiming he would welcome Heard taking a poop in his bed.

“First of all, I don’t think that’s funny,” the actor testified when the accusation was made in court. “I don’t know what grown woman does. I was not also in a pranking mood; my life was falling apart. I was at a crossroads in my life. I was really serious,” Heard continued. “And I had just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband with whom I was desperately in love and knew I needed to leave. It was not really a jovial time, and I don’t think that’s funny. Period. That’s disgusting.”

With such a statement apparently still ringing in Lil Pump’s ears, he decided now was the perfect time to comment on the act. It also just so happens to be a time when Lil Pump is in the middle of promoting his new single ‘Splurgin” ahead of releasing a full-length follow-up to 2017’s No Name.

“Amber Heard, I need you in my life,” Lil Pump announced from the passenger seat of his car as he shot his shot with the actor. “I love toxic bitches, and I’ll let you shit in my bed, for sure.”

Watch the clip below.