Lil Nas X praises Beyoncé’s new album ‘Renaissance’
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Lil Nas X praises Beyoncé’s new album ‘Renaissance’

Lil Nas X has lauded Beyoncé’s latest album Renaissance heaping praise on the record’s daring intent and life changing potential. In some ways, it’s remarkable that people can still find plaudits to heap on the star who has pretty much defined the development of a genre.

The record hit the stands last Friday (July 29th) and has been receiving warm accolades ever since. However, Lil Nas X went above and beyond by claiming that she sounds as fresh as she has ever sounded. 

In a gushing Instagram story, the rapper declared, “so much intention was put into this [album]” and he even went a step further and added that the former Destiny’s Child star “really deserves every single flower thrown at her”.

For good measure, the ever-comical Lil Nas X was also quick to assert that he’s “not even dikriding” either, just in case you thought he was schmoozing without due cause. 

His highest praise, however, was when he declared that Renaissance was even “kinda changing my life somehow” and described it as her “most relentlessly upbeat and fun record yet”.

It’s high praise indeed from the emerging hip hop hero and Beyoncé will be glad of it considering that most of the press surrounding the record has been related to the controversy regarding a spat with Kelis. 

You can listen to the record yourself below, and with a bit of luck, you’ll concur with Lil Nas X.