Lil Jon releases new guided meditation album
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Lil Jon releases new guided meditation album

Atlanta emcee Lil Jon has released a new album titled Total Meditation. It is the lyricist’s first solo project since he released Crunk Rock in 2010. The highly-anticipated album sees a usually loud Lil Jon head in a different direction, providing fans with a calmer, more relaxed body of work.

Proudly announcing the release of the project, Lil Jon (real name Jonathan Smith) took to social media to post a video, writing, “Total Meditation streaming now”. In the video, Lil Jon is seen sitting on the ground in a desert as he narrates, “Now imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel safe and secure. I’d like to welcome you to Total Meditation.”

Grammy-award-winning beatmaker Kabir Sehgal executively produced the 11-track LP. The intro runs for just under seven minutes. However, the remaining ten tracks last for around ten minutes.

Smith performed at this year’s Super Bowl LVIII halftime show alongside Usher and Ludacris for their 2004 track ‘Yeah!’ which closed out the show. However, his personal journey has seen him calm down since then.

In an interview with Rolling Stone about Total Meditation, Lil Jon explained that he tried guided meditation during a troublesome time in his life. Opening up about his turbulent emotional journey, Smith explained, “Once I turned 50, a lot of things started to happen. I started going through a divorce. I’m separated right now.”

He continued, “Going through that and all of the emotions of the divorce—anger and frustration and all of the ups and downs — I found meditation to calm me and to bring me more at peace, to look at life and situations in a different manner.”

The Atlanta legend concluded, “I really got into meditating and saying my affirmations every day and also into manifestation. All of that tied together.” Smith hopes that Total Meditation will help change people’s perspective of him.