Lil Durk once shared his 50 favourite rappers of all time
(Credit: Lyrical Lemonade/YouTube)


Lil Durk once shared his 50 favourite rappers of all time

When it comes to hip-hop, lists are always contentious entities. Opinions will always differ whether it’s a top five, ten or fifty. However, when Chicago rapper Lil Durk took to Instagram to list his top 50 MCs of all time, he caused what can only be described as a social media firestorm. Lil Durk’s list came from the perspective of hip-hop’s new generation and polarised fans of rap music, both young and old.

The Chicago act’s list went viral and caused much controversy mainly because it incorporated so many new school musicians who many believe haven’t had the tenure to be considered “great.” There was an explosion of heated debate and intense conversation surrounding the list as some tricky topics surfaced. Regarding tenure, many highlighted how Tupac Shakur was only in the limelight with Death Row for three years before he was murdered. Therefore some questioned this element of criterion.

One individual whose inclusion got heavily scrutinised was Joe Budden, who strangely landed at number three despite his minimal contributions to the culture in an emceeing capacity. Another artist whose ranking got debated was Future, who many believe is a poor rapper who lyrically brings nothing to the table. However, many young artists cite Future as a huge influence and insist he deserves a place within the top 50.

Newer fans of the genre may agree with the musician’s rankings. However, Durk most definitely missed huge names. Some of the most controversial artists include Moneybagg Yo, Polo G, Calboy, Key Glock and Blueface, who are all considered highly lacklustre concerning lyricism. Other young household names such as Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert appeared within the top 50.

Many argue that Durk’s list would make sense if perhaps it was labelled the ‘Top 50 Mumble Rappers.’ However, to present the range of artists he did as the greatest of all time is nothing short of crazy. Even a vast swathe of Durk’s fans commenters were not impressed with one user commenting, “I love you brudda.. but this list ain’t shit!”

You can see Lil Durk’s list below.