Lil Durk speaks out on AI deepfakes
(Credit: Lyrical Lemonade/YouTube)


Lil Durk speaks out on AI deepfakes

Rapper Lil Durk has stressed the point that AI deepfakes that attempt to replicate his voice will never be able to replace him as a genuine human being artist. He recently discussed the new technology and his new NFT-based trainers collection NXTG3NZ.

He told HipHopDX, “I heard them AI deep fakes usin’ my voice, it’s wild what tech be doin’. I think AI gon’ change how we make music, but ain’t nothin’ gonna replace the real deal, them raw vibes and emotions we bring. Just gotta make sure we use it right, ya know? Keep our essence alive.”

Lil Durk’s NXTG3NZ combines the physical and digital worlds, bringing together Durk’s love for fashion and music, and he has created a team of the best-known creatives and execs in the business worlds of music, sports and fashion in order to ensure the trainers are the best possible quality.

“NXTG3NZ is built on Algorand to bring real value for Lil Durk’s fans,” said Jessica T. Chin, the CMO at Algorand Foundation. “As the pioneers of scaling blockchain infrastructure, we are thrilled to partner with Lil Durk as a platform for change and creativity. Algorand continues to enable real-world utility connecting both physical and digital worlds.”