Lil Durk appears to tease Never Broke Again crew
(Credit: Lyrical Lemonade/YouTube)


Lil Durk appears to tease Never Broke Again crew

The feud between OTF and Never Broke Again might have just hotted up again as both Lil Durk, and Quando Rondo appear to be gearing up to release new music. Recently, Durk has repeatedly hinted at new music, though information is currently scarce on it. He released his last album, 7220, in March last year before appearing on OTF’s Loyal Bros 2 in December.

In recent weeks, Durk has teased his new music. Of the new project, he said it “ain’t regular” without giving any further details. Elsewhere, he outlined that he’s unphased by using the same release date as other artists. “I can drop this single and f*ck the streets up on god,” he wrote on Instagram earlier this week. “Your release date ain’t safe son son.” It remains unclear who he was talking about, but a response from the Never Broke Again crew inferred that they did not take it well.

Yesterday morning, NBA Youngboy of Never Broke Again seemed to respond to Durk’s Instagram post with a series of Tweets. “Kiss my ass bitch see me in the streets,” he wrote. “Old ass think he slick stop watching me,” he added while discussing Durk as a fan.

As for Quando Rondo of Never Broke Again, fans have commented that he doesn’t seem to have an issue with Durk releasing music as him on the same day. Responding to Durk’s post about the release date of his new music, he wrote: “Drop that shit we all on a time schedule!” 

Rondo had previously mentioned that his imminent album would be arriving in a month and that it would be dedicated to Lul Pub, who was shot and killed last summer. “Seen a lot of blood sweat and tears I lost my right hand man in front of my eyes I love you thug I’m going number 1 for you big brah,” Rondo expressed earlier in the week.