Lil Dicky calls himself a “rapper’s rapper”
(Credit: Yannik Rohrer)


Lil Dicky calls himself a “rapper’s rapper”

Lil Dicky, the star of FX’s Dave, has described himself as a “rapper’s rapper”.

The divisive rapper, who has put his music career on hold to portray a fictional version of himself in the highly-acclaimed aforementioned sitcom, told The Hollywood Reporter: “I feel like I’m the comedic voice of my generation. I’m not like, ‘Oh, I’m the fucking best rapper alive,’ or ‘I’m the funniest guy in the world.’”

On his critics, Lil Dicky said they are “elitist, hipster journalists who thought that it was their place to speak on behalf of hip-hop, whereas I’m meeting the all-time great rappers and they’re telling me, like, man, I’m a rapper’s rapper.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lil Dicky defended his decision to collaborate with Chris Brown on ‘Freaky Friday’, and also said: “I know that my heart is good. I really do. I don’t lose sleep at night about my heart. And you can never be perfect, and sometimes I’ll still be dumb and unaware, but I really do care so much about doing the right thing.”

He added: “And listen, I get why someone wouldn’t like a Lil Dicky song, but I’d never be ok with someone being like, ‘That guy’s an asshole,’ or ‘That guy’s a piece of sh*t.’ I’ve never had that experience as Dave Burd, the man, so for my art to cause that reaction, my God, it really hurts me.”

Watch the trailer for the third season of Dave below.