Watch Lil Baby freestyle for Funk Flex on HOT97
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Watch Lil Baby freestyle for Funk Flex on HOT97

Lil Baby is one of the most sought-after young rappers in the US at the moment, and having just released his latest single and music video, ‘Heyy’, the 27-year-old Atlanta rapper saw it fit to visit Funk Flex up on New York’s HOT97 radio, to take part in Flex’s long-running freestyle series as #Freestyle195.

The US equivalent of the UK’s ‘Fire In The Booth’ radio freestyle series, anybody who is anyone has delivered a freestyle on the Funk Flex show, and now Lil Baby has taken his shot. Akin to ‘Fire In The Booth’, The Funk Flex Show is a spot for the best rappers in the US to show off their ability and is notoriously, almost always used to compare artists to one another. It is a place for artists to give all they have to offer and where they prove themselves.

Not too long ago, Jack Harlow stepped up to the challenge and got hit with the classic instrumental for Pharrell’s ‘Can I Have It Like That?’ Now Lil Baby has stepped up to the plate and, like ‘Fire In The Booth’, Baby didn’t know what beat he was going to get.

However, this time around, the beat was an unknown one that the DJ had, and Lil Baby freestyled flawlessly on it. Of course, the freestyle polarised opinion, but for the new generation of hip-hop fans, it was just what they wanted and more.

For older generations, it was perhaps lacking the metaphors, punchlines and message that a freestyle is supposed to carry, but according to Funk Flex, it was the rapper’s third or fourth time freestyling on the show. The best-ever Funk Flex freestyle is a highly debated topic. However, especially among hip-hop purists, rapper Black Thought’s Funk Flex freestyle is widely considered one of the best ever on the show.

You can watch Lil Baby’s freestyle in the video below.