(Credit: Fran Schwichtenberg)

Lil Baby arrested in Paris for cannabis possession

Lil Baby has been arrested in Paris for possession of cannabis, police in France have confirmed.

The 26-year-old, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, was in Paris with NBA player James Harden for Fashion Week. The rapper and his bodyguard were both detained for carrying the illegal substance. 

Harden wasn’t arrested despite being with Jones when the incident occurred, although the police searched him. Footage filmed by an onlooker has been posted online of the NBA player and another individual being questioned in the street. In the video, Harden can be heard saying, “It’s okay. I don’t understand.”

News of the arrest was broken by the French newspaper Le Parisien and confirmed by NBC News. The publication confirmed both Jones and Harden had been stopped by police at about 4.50pm after three individuals departed a car smelling of marijuana.

Jones spent all of Thursday evening in custody before being released on Friday morning. An investigation is now underway by the city’s eighth district police precinct.

Lil Baby is yet to comment on the arrest.