Lead prosecutor in YNW Melly murder case has been removed
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Lead prosecutor in YNW Melly murder case has been removed

Florida rapper YNW Melly has been incarcerated for over six months as he faces trial for double murder. However, following a mistrial last month after the jury failed to reach a decision, the case has taken another turn with the removal of the lead prosecution.

The Broward County judge presiding over the case, John Murphy, disqualified the prosecutor and state attorney, Kristine Bradley, after she asked a deputy police officer to provide false information. Following this, Murphy concluded that her involvement would compromise the impartiality of the case.

Now, the state attorney’s office is rushing to replace Bradley before the jury is selected. This recent disqualification ensures that there is no bias or conflict of interest moving forward.

Broward County’s state attorney, Harold Pryor, and two of his deputies were accused of a cover-up. However, they were not disqualified as Judge Murphy could not prove this. This was at the request of YNW Melly’s attorneys, who demanded that the entire state attorney’s office be removed from the case.

Earlier this month, the Miami emcee (real name Jamell Demons) got charged with witness tampering following the discovery that both he and TNW Bortlen were attempting to convince Melly’s ex-girlfriend, Mariah Hamilton, not to testify.

Demons’ trial was meant to begin on October 9th. He still faces double murder in the first degree and witness tampering. These charges took four and a half years to process through the legal system. Melly has been denied bond ever since his arrest in February 2019.

YNW Bortlen’s case has already begun. The pair are being tried for the murder of Anthony ‘YNW Sakchaser’ Williams and Christopher ‘YNW Juvy’ Thomas. You can read more about the prosecution removal below.