Lauryn Hill says fans are “lucky” she performed after cancelled shows
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Lauryn Hill says fans are “lucky” she performed after cancelled shows

Former Fugees member Lauryn Hill recently told fans they were lucky she took to the stage after a string of cancellations. Hill was responding to those who have complained about her missing recent shows.

The New Jersey singer and rapper is currently on tour, taking to stages across the US and Canada in celebration of the 25th anniversary of her Grammy-winning debut solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

The ‘Lost One’ vocalist has recently had to cancel a series of shows after losing her voice. A pit stop in Philadelphia had to be postponed, and a date in Fort Worth, Texas, also got cancelled. 

On November 4th, Hill performed at the Los Angeles Arena and took the time to defend herself against those who were complaining about her absences, stating, “Yo, y’all lucky I make it on this stage every night.”

She continued, “I don’t do it because they let me do it. I do it because I stand here in the name of god. God is the one who allows me to do it, who surrounded me with family and community when there was no support when the album sold so many records and no one showed up and said, ‘Hey, would you like to make another one?”

Speaking about her experience since the release of her debut, Hill exclaimed, “So I went around the world, and I played the same album over and over and over and over again. Because we’re the survivors. We’re not just the survivors. We’re the thrives.”

Over the summer, Hill performed her debut album for The Roots‘ festival picnic in Philadelphia. She also reunited with her former group, The Fugees, to perform six tracks from their 1996 album, The Score, including ‘Killing Me Softly’, ‘Ready Or Not’ and ‘Zealots’.